Wisconsin USAPL Advisory Group

The Wisconsin USAPL Advisory Group has been formed to assist the state chair with the development of a strategy to promote drug-free powerlifting in the state and in the mid-west. The group is comprised of ten members who represent high school coaching & teenage competitors, age divisions of open, collegiate and masters. Five of the members are certified referees. There is also fairly decent geographic representation from around the state; Madison, Racine, New Richmond, Milwaukee, Osceola, Eau Claire. Several members had voluntarily offered their assistance in the past and I took them up on their offer. We have so many talented individuals in the state who already give quite a bit of their time to the sport and I wanted to create another opportunity where the offered assistance could be leveraged to grow our support network.

Members of the group:

You will soon learn a bit more about what the group comes up with as we brainstorm on how / what to promote about this great sport.

Tonya L.