2015 WI USAPL State Open

Where and when

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Whitnall High School
5000 S. 116th St
Greenfield, WI 53288

Weigh-ins at 7:00 am
Lifting begins at 9:00 am

How to register

Register online. Then, within 24 hours of submitting the online registration you should receive a confirmation email, please sign the “release from liability” and the “certification for competitors,” include your entry fee payment by writing out a check to Whitnall High School and mail to: T. Lambeth, 5848 Middle Rd, Racine WI 53402. Registration will be open to the first 130 paid registrations.

Competitions for all lifters and ages:

  • 3 Lift
  • Push-Pull
  • Bench Press only
  • Raw and Geared categories
  • Ages 14 and up
  • Men’s and Women’s divisions
  • Open to lifters from all states
  • 3 platforms, 1 session
  • Meet in pounds
  • USAPL sanctioned  WI-2015-01

Entry Fee = $60
Additional Division = $15
Spectator Fee = $7

The postmark date for the the registration form and the payment is January 10, 2015.  No new entries will be accepted the day of competition.  No refunds once monies are received.  The initial entry fee is $60 with an additional $15 for each added division/event.  Contest t-shirts are available for pre-order when you send in your entry form, $15 each.

Proof of current USAPL membership will be done at registration morning of contest. Purchase on-line at the USAPL website for $45, if purchased day of contest will be $5 more.  Bring this and a government issued photo ID as both will be asked for by the referees.

Local hotel suggestions will be provided soon.

Be sure to look at the USAPL rulebook before the competition.  The USAPL is the number 1 choice for drug-free lifting, at all sanctioned contests 10% of the competitors are drug-tested.

Flight information will be posted the week of the contest (cannot post this before receiving the January 10th or earlier postmarked mail).  The list of competitors will be posted weekly and then daily in the last two weeks before the competition.


If you have questions regarding the meet or are unable to use the online registration form please contact the WI USAPL State Chair Tonya Lambeth (contact or 262-752-0597).

Good luck to all competitors!


Thanksgiving Powerlifting Update!

Cold weather is here! So what?!  Remember Silvester Stallone in Rocky IV – training his butt off in the bitter Moscow cold…?  Maybe you won’t go to the same extremes but everyone has an Ivan Drago in their world. Here is a fun read on cold weather training http://www.dieselcrew.com/benefits-of-cold-weather-training.

Keep training for the WI State Open on January 17 in Milwaukee, WI.  More information at posted on this website.  Registration will open up within the next week or two.  I will send an email as soon as it is.

If you are a full-time student in good standing with a Wisconsin university or college and under twenty-five years old, you are eligible for the following promo:

  • Enter the WI State Open contest in the collegiate competition category.All the names of the competitors who do so will be put into a drawing. At the end of the contest, two names will be selected. Each will win the following:
    • Free entry fee for ’15 USAPL Collegiate Nationals – Atlanta, GA*
    • Reimbursement of your USAPL membership.*

*To be given back to you at Collegiate Nationals by me.

More information on Collegiate Nationals: http://www.collegiate-nationals-atlanta.com/home

Lets’ get Wisconsin to the podium at Collegiate Nationals!

WHSPA (Wisconsin High School Powerlifting Association) scholarship application now available to high school seniors.  Scholarship applications for the class of 2015 are due by December 20th, 2014. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SjYhHLQBj0IYmdFmNZjIYZn7npkxhtt7hNtM3HXPDz0/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=send_form

Thanksgiving feast & protein: turkey breast can offer as much as 30 grams of protein per 3.5-ounce portion.  Gobble gooble.

All the best,

Tonya L.
WI USAPL State Chair
’15 WI State Open Meet Director
’15 USAPL High School Nationals Meet Director

2014 Hudson Natural Open Results

Message from Shawn and Kathy Cain regarding the 2014 Hudson Natural Open:

The 26th Hudson Natural Open was a great success. Unfortunately we filled up with 60 competitors many weeks ahead of the meet. We had to turn away lifters that had competed in this meet many times over the years. The good thing is that turning away lifters was the only thing that we had to complain about. The lifting was absolutely excellent. Most of the competitors were lifting RAW, but we also had lifters using gear. We had some very impressive lifting in both the RAW and the geared divisions. In fact, it came down to a geared lifter and a RAW lifter for Best lifter of the meet. The competition for that award was very tight. As we have done in the past, we add 12% to the RAW lifter’s total to compare the Raw lifter to the geared lifter. Scott Sullivan was this year’s best male lifter, followed very closely by Matt Rodock. Another very impressive thing that we witnessed this year, was the Theisen Family that lifted in the meet. The father and four daughters were very impressive to watch.

The meet has been very lucky to have the help of many people from Wisconsin and Minnesota. We have also received the help of a couple of the local High School Powerlifting teams. River Falls and Osceola teams have been a huge help in running this meet in recent years. I would like to mention the names of the people that have helped us over the 26 years this meet has been in existance, but to list all of the people that have made this long run such a success, it would take a book. I will simply say a big thank you to the lifters, spotters, loaders, judges and to others that helped us in every way that they could. This was the last of the Hudson Natural Open contests. I’m working with some good people now to continue holding an open USAPL meet in this area in the future.

Shawn & Kathy Cain

The results are now available online.  I apologize for the delayed posting.

2014 Hudson Natural Open Flight List

Below is the flight lists for the 2014 Hudson Natural Open, good luck to those lifting this weekend!



Flight 1

  • Raw Women
  • Open Women  (geared)

Flight 2

  • Raw Teen Women
  • Open Teen Women  (geared)
  • Raw Master Women
  • Raw teen Men

Flight 3

  • Raw Master Men
  • Open Teen Men  (geared)


Flight 1

  • Raw Men  165 – 220

Flight 2

  • Raw Men  242 – SHW
  • Open Men  (geared)

From the Cains: As always, these flight are tentative until after the weigh-ins.  There is a good chance that they will stay the same but we have to keep in mind that we don’t yet know who will show up or drop out.

Do you have a state record?

WI USAPL Record Updating

Please take at the USAPL records for WI and let me know if I missed one. Trying to bring current before the Hudson Open on November 1.

Check out the teen records for equipped 14-15, 16-17 & 18-19. Many, many updates from this last high school season. I suspect many records will not hold for long with the new season starting soon and 2015 USAPL High School Nationals right here in our state!y