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Wisconsin state records can be found on the USA Powerlifting results/rankings database.  Once on that page you can select the record type (Wisconsin State Record, Wisconsin State Raw Record, etc.), division and weight class.  You can also access national level records from this page.  Note that it can take time for records to be updated, however, if you see an error please contact the State Chair.


Q: Who keeps and posts state records?

A: Individual State Chairs maintain their state records, there is a listing of the State Chairs on the USA Powerlifting website.

Q: In general, what are the requirements to set a state record?

A: Any current USA Powerlifting member can set a state record for the state that he/she has listed as their state of residence on their current USA Powerlifting card. Other requirements may be needed as decided by each individual state chair.

Q: What are the requirements in Wisconsin?

A1: Lifts from any sanctioned USA Powerlifting or IPF competition qualify as ‘record breakers’. Anywhere, not just in Wisconsin. All references to lifts are referring to successful attempts as verified by the competition results made publicly available on-line.

A2: Open age category records can be set by any age competitor.

Note: A teenager can set the appropriate teen category record and Open age category records for same weight class.

Note: A master age competitor can set the appropriate master category records and Open age category records for same weight class.

A3: Teenage categories can be set only by those within the age range as defined by the USA Powerlifting rules.

A4: Master categories can be set only by those within the age range as defined by the USA Powerlifting rules.

Q: Where can the Wisconsin state records be found?

A: In the USA Powerlifting results/rankings database

Q: What is the difference between ‘state records’ and ‘raw records?’

A: State refers to those records where the lifter competed in an equipped category as defined by the USA Powerlifting rules. Raw records refers to those records where the lifter competed in a raw category as defined by the USA Powerlifting rules.

Note: A lift completed as raw in regards to lifting costume, per USA Powerlifting rules, will be considered for raw and equipped records of the appropriate age categories. A lift completed equipped will not qualify for a raw record of any age category.

Q: How are bench press only records set?

A: These records can be set by individuals competing in traditional three lift or by individuals competing in bench press only. Those bench press only cannot set records within three lift as they have not had the challenge of squatting prior to bench press.

Q: Can I set a record in the squat or deadlift?

A: Yes, within the powerlifting or three lift records. These are not maintained individually.

Q: Why doesn’t the total record meet or exceed the sum of the three lifts within that weight class for the age category?

A: There are times when the individual lifts are just that phenomenal. The record holder may excel in one lift but not all three, therefore doesn’t exceed the record for total.

Q: How much do I have to exceed the current record by?

A: Record must be set by a minimum of 0.5kg (or 1.1lb).  This is the same for American records.

Q: What if my lift(s) exceeds the weight class above me?

A: Your lift(s) will only qualify for the weight class notated in the competition.

Q: Can a female competitor set male records?

A: No. Records are gender exclusive.

Q: I was disqualified from competition as I did not have at least one good attempt in each of the three lifts (of a three lift competition). Can any of the lifts that were good be record breakers?

A: No, records do not count if a total was not registered.

Q: What if someone fails their drug test?

A: Only the record(s) set in the contest at which the test failure occurred would be nullified.

Q: My lift is equal to the current state record. Does my name replace the current record holder?

A: No.

Q: Why are some records showing no names or numbers?

A: They are waiting to be set!

Q: How can my upcoming attempt break a USA Powerlifting American record?

A: American records can only be set at certain types of meets, these include USA Powerlifting state championships, invitational (or pro) meets, a regional meet or a national meet, additionally American records can be set at international meets (NAPF or IPF sanction).  Your attempt must be witnessed by three national level certified officials on the competition platform. All provisions of setting American records must be followed. It is recommended you notify the meet director in advance of these record attempts. The meet director may or may not have the minimum number of national level officials at the contest as it is not a requirement.

Q: If my lift meets or exceeds a American record but wasn’t witnessed by three national level officials, will it still be a state record?

A: You betcha as the officials present did deem it a good lift.

Q: How can I contact my state chair for more information regarding state records?

A: To reach the state chair for Wisconsin, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to send an email. For all other states, the USA Powerlifting website has listed all the State Chairs and their contact information.

Q: Will the WI state chair notify other state chairs about potential record breaking attempts from competitions within Wisconsin?

A: Most likely not. Be sure to contact your chair directly to let them know of your accomplishments.

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