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From the Chair: High (PL) #s

USA Powerlifting membership count as of 12-01-15 was 10,611.  A very healthy and continually changing number.   Wisconsin has 743 USA Powerlifting members. We are second in the nation to Texas (968).

Of the 743…

  • 41% are female at 304 which is second to Texas (325) and 114 more than the third highest
  • 177 teens
  • 286 open
  • 27 masters

Speaking of growth and high numbers, the WI State Open on January 16th has 191 of 200 pre-registrations in.  127 individuals are on the roster which has been updated tonight.  If you wanting to lifter in this powerlifting competition, you must start the registration now.

There are 38 college students competing at the WI State Open, up from 14 at the previous.  Some may even go on to USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals in Rhode Island.

Have you pondered the state records lately?  Is there a possibility that you could break a record at the next USA Powerlifting contest you are in?  Don’t know?  Look them up! Record breaking criteria can be found here as well.  Know your numbers when you arrive to check-in.

This weekend is the USA Powerlifting sanctioned Blizzard Classic in Necedah.  I will be there to support and work with two individuals who have been preparing to take the state level referee test.  Their competitive experience, maturity, technical knowledge level and enthusiasm to support other powerlifters will be helpful to the success of our competitions.

The Wisconsin High School Powerlifting Association (WHSPA) has kicked off the season already with two regional contests last weekend and one this weekend in Omro.  Think of this…hundreds of teenagers in our state competing in powerlifting contest on the same day.

Holiday shopping and boosting USA Powerlifting at the same time – how? By shopping on Amazon, same prices, same terms and 0.5% goes to our association from your shopping.

Gotta’ move on to the next task – all the best,

Tonya L.
USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Chair
IPF Category II Official
WHSPA voting member
Wi State Open meet director

Wisconsin Well-Represented at Raw Nationals in Scranton, PA

Steve Mann of in Pennsylvania hosted the 2015 USA Powerlifting Raw National Championships.  Final on-line registration count was 1,147.  According to the results of the original count, 990 showed up and competed. Wisconsin had good representation across thirteen divisions with 34 members.  I hope you were able to watch on the YouTube channel, the videos are still available.

As one of the many on the officiating crew, I was able to see many great lifts from one of the best views in the house.  With four platforms, multiple days and sessions, I also missed many of the Wisconsin lifts.  Going through my personal Facebook page along with that of the USA Powerlifting Facebook group, I find the feeds full of news of competition.  In the thirteen divisions Wisconsin earned 7 – 1st places, 4 – 2nd, 5 – 3rd, 2 – 4th, 2 – 5th, 2 – 6th, 2 – 7th, 1 – 8th, 1 – 9th.  Take a look at the names, individual lifts and places on ’15 USAPL Raw Nationals Wisconsin Results.

The photography crew at the contest was top-notch.  Take a look at the pictures online.

With another weekend of members doing well in competition at the national level and hopefully hungry for more, I look forward to the next one.  Congratulations to all Wisconsin members.

Tonya L.
WI USAPL State Chair

USAPL Coaching Certification Course

Sunday Dec. 6th  8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Racine, WI – Horlick High School Fitness Center
2119 Rapids Drive 53404

Additional Details: Enter through the doors at the back south-east corner of the building. Once inside the building, walk down the hallway until you see a doorway on your right with a sign for the course.

Register online

$295 per person, not negotiable but worth it.  Have your current USAPL number available when you register.
Its’ the only way to lock in your spot. No walk-ins or spectators.

Registration Deadline: 11/19/15

Instructor: Josh Rohr of Atlanta, GA

Earn 0.5 NSCA CEU’s! More details.

Certification Levels

Club Coach (USAPL-CC): coaching novice to state level lifters, club team coach

Course includes:

    • Basic human anatomy and physiology
    • Biomechanical aspects of human movement
    • Exercise descriptions and movement performance
    • Rules of performance (squat, bench press, deadlift)
    • Basic review of USAPL & IPF Technical Rules
    • Methodology, principles, and theories of meet preparation and strength training
    • Evaluation of performance

Senior National Coach (USAPL-SNC): coaching state to national level lifters, national team coach, and assistant coach at international events

Course includes:

  • All topics listed for Club Coach
  • More thorough review of USAPL & IPF Technical Rules
  • National team and meet management & strategy
  • Advanced meet preparation and training
  • Roles and responsibilities of an assistant coach at international events

Senior International Coach (USAPL-SIC): coaching national to international level lifters and teams, international team assistant & head coach.

*In order to sit for the USAPL-SIC exam you must have served as an assistant coach on a national team competing abroad.*

Course includes:

  • All topics listed for Club & Senior National Coach
  • Intense examination and review of USAPL & IPF Technical Rules
  • Drug testing parameters and protocol
  • International team and meet management & strategy
  • Roles and responsibilities of the head and assistant coaches at international events

Meal is not included.  There will be a pre-order opportunity once the minimum of ten slots is filled. More details to come on this.

August Update

Busy week and month for powerlifting in Wisconsin:

  • Ron Burmeister and the Winneconne HS powerlifting team ran a very successful competition this past weekend for 44 lifters.  At least half of them were participating in their first competition.  I think we will see them all at another contest now that they have one under their belt.
  • This Saturday is one last opportunity for Wisconsin lifters of any age to qualify for the upcoming USAPL Raw Nationals in mid-October.  Erich Mach and Necedah HS powerlifting team are hosting this competition.  Raw Nationals is already over 750 registered competitors and will be the contest of the year.  Hopefully all on Saturday will qualify – that is their goal.
  • The Western Wisconsin Open on October 31 has reached the halfway mark on number of registered competitors, thirty slots remain.  Remember, what you wear on the platform is referred to as a ‘costume’ in the USAPL rulebook.  Look like a lifter and be a lifter at this contest on Halloween.
  • Are there specific types of vendors you would like to see at the contests?  Let me know so I can help this happen.
  • Traveling this week? To school. To work. To the gym. To Scranton, PA for BP Nationals. To Prague for Sub-Junior and Junior World Championships.  Good luck to all of these competitors.
    • BP Nats competitors from WI:
      • Dave Doan – M2A category
      • Robert Crawford – M3A
      • Dave Johnson – M1B
      • Luke Hanifen – Open
      • Tyler David (Necedah) – T2 (16)
    • IPF Sub-junior & Junior competitors & coach from WI that are on the national team:
      • Stephanie Rattunde – 43kg – Necedah HS
      • Taylor LaChapelle  – 47 kg – Adams-Friendship HS
      • Tristyn Hutchins – 52kg – Necedah HS
      • Lauren Lent – 57kg – Whitnall HS
      • Samantha Kroll – 63kg – Eau Claire North HS (great article on Sam)
      • Mackenzie Curtis – 84kg – River Falls HS
      • Kim Johnson – 57kg – UW Green Bay
      • Mariah Hamm – 84kg – UW Eau Claire
      • Ken Johnson – 53kg – Horlick HS
      • Mike Voegel – 66kg – Whitnall HS
      • Mitch Cowman – 105kg – Whitnall HS
      • Alex Stoll – 120kg – Osceola HS
      • RG Lukow – sub-junior national team assistant coach
  • If you know Wisconsin teenagers interested in powerlifting, do show them this list above. Every year teenagers from Wisconsin go on to represent the US on the national team.  They started in the Wisconsin High School Powerlifting Association (WHSPA).
  • Keep checking this website for updates on all of the meets mentioned here.
  • Are you a geek about data entry? A 9 key whiz?  I am looking for someone to assist throughout the year in record database updating.  A way to contribute behind the scenes.
  • Two more individuals are state level referees for the USAPL; Neil Steinmetz and Frank Jones
  • Keep the technical questions coming to me.  I will get you the correct, vetted answer in a timely manner.  It’s one of my duties as your state chair.

This email is long enough.  Best to all at home and those traveling this week.

Tonya L.
WI USAPL State Chair
IPF Category II official
WI State Open meet director – 1-16-16

July Update

The 2016 USAPL WI State Open will be on 1-16-16 and again proudly hosted by the Whitnall HS Powerlifting Team in Greenfield, WI.  We’re on the USAPL calendar as sanctioned contest, WI-2016-01.  Meet director is myself – so I will take your questions.  There will be on-line registration available later in this year.  Three-lift and bench press only, gear and raw on four platforms for ages 14 and up.  No cap on number of competitors – unless we blow up!  

The Badger Open was another very successful contest in June.  Many individuals were able to qualify for USAPL raw nationals (Oct) while geared lifters hit QTs for upcoming contests.

The Summer Splash was this past Saturday in Omro with 33 lifters, many of them being ‘first-timers’ out of Necedah.  What is interesting is that these individuals are parents of the high school team members and committed to training with the goal of qualifying for raw nationals.  Almost all did.  Congrats! Many of the teen competitors kept up training even while school is out to hit new PRs or get a QT for high school nationals.

Once again we have many lifters between the ages of 15 and 23 training for the IPF sub-junior & junior world championships in Prague beginning of September.  Every rep, set and workout counts now.  Their dedication in these summer months is admirable. At least eight on the national team are from Wisconsin.

Let me know if you are going to raw national, bench press nationals or masters worlds.  Include a photo and I will be happy to brag about you on the USAPL Wisconsin Facebook page.

Western Wisconsin Open meet director Chuck Eaton tells me there at 20 out of 60 slots full for October 31.  The contest is in Hudson and the border battle with Minnesota continues on.

The Wolf Open is the next contest in our state on August 22.  You may want to plan a summer ride to Winneconne as it is a beautiful morning drive in, watch some great lifting and cruise home on the county backroads.  If this is your first meet, please check out our new competitor page.

Raw Nationals in Scranton is over 400 competitors.  Do not delay getting your registration in.

Interested in testing for USAPL state level referee?  Work with me on how to.

All the best in powerlifting and life!

Tonya L.
WI State Chair