July Update

The 2016 USAPL WI State Open will be on 1-16-16 and again proudly hosted by the Whitnall HS Powerlifting Team in Greenfield, WI.  We’re on the USAPL calendar as sanctioned contest, WI-2016-01.  Meet director is myself – so I will take your questions.  There will be on-line registration available later in this year.  Three-lift and bench press only, gear and raw on four platforms for ages 14 and up.  No cap on number of competitors – unless we blow up!  

The Badger Open was another very successful contest in June.  Many individuals were able to qualify for USAPL raw nationals (Oct) while geared lifters hit QTs for upcoming contests.

The Summer Splash was this past Saturday in Omro with 33 lifters, many of them being ‘first-timers’ out of Necedah.  What is interesting is that these individuals are parents of the high school team members and committed to training with the goal of qualifying for raw nationals.  Almost all did.  Congrats! Many of the teen competitors kept up training even while school is out to hit new PRs or get a QT for high school nationals.

Once again we have many lifters between the ages of 15 and 23 training for the IPF sub-junior & junior world championships in Prague beginning of September.  Every rep, set and workout counts now.  Their dedication in these summer months is admirable. At least eight on the national team are from Wisconsin.

Let me know if you are going to raw national, bench press nationals or masters worlds.  Include a photo and I will be happy to brag about you on the USAPL Wisconsin Facebook page.

Western Wisconsin Open meet director Chuck Eaton tells me there at 20 out of 60 slots full for October 31.  The contest is in Hudson and the border battle with Minnesota continues on.

The Wolf Open is the next contest in our state on August 22.  You may want to plan a summer ride to Winneconne as it is a beautiful morning drive in, watch some great lifting and cruise home on the county backroads.  If this is your first meet, please check out our new competitor page.

Raw Nationals in Scranton is over 400 competitors.  Do not delay getting your registration in.

Interested in testing for USAPL state level referee?  Work with me on how to.

All the best in powerlifting and life!

Tonya L.
WI State Chair