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Reminder: New Weight Classes

This is a reminder to competitors and meet directors that all meets (except for High School meets) now need to following the IPF weight classes starting in 2015.  Below is a listing of both the kilo amounts and the pound equivalents rounded correctly to the nearest 1/4 lb.

Women – 94.75lbs/43kgs (Teen/Juniors only), 103.5lbs/47kgs, 114.5lbs/52kgs, 125.5lbs/57kgs, 138.75lbs/63kgs, 158.5lbs/72kgs, 185lbs/84kgs, 185lbs+/84+kgs

Men – 116.75lbs/53.00kgs (Teen/Juniors only), 130.00lbs/59.00kgs, 145.50lbs/66.00kgs, 163.00lbs/74.00kgs, 182.75lbs/83.00kgs, 205.00lbs/93.00kgs, 231.25lbs/105.00kgs, 264.50lbs/120.00kgs, 264.50+lbs/120.00+kgs

To keep things simpler lifters should be weighed in kilos for meets.

If you have any questions, please contact WI State Chair Tonya Lambeth.

State Records

Wisconsin state records can be found at GOHEAVY.NET

State records are being loaded to an on-line database.  So far, the men’s records are 98% loaded and accurate.  Each record had to be individually typed which allows room for mistakes.  Kindly let the chair know about them for correction.

There is a new process of submitting a new state record, please visit the State Records page for more information on this.