2016 USAPL WI State Open

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Whitnall High School Powerlifting Team is happy to the host site.  The school is located in Greenfield, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee.  This competition helps the team fund various powerlifting activities throughout the season including team travel to the Wisconsin High School Powerlifting Association State Championships, personal gear and weight room equipment.

The school’s address is 5000 S 116th St, Greenfield, WI 53288.

This competition is sanctioned by USA Powerlifting and has the first sanction number of 2016 –  WI-2016-01.  All USA Powerlifting rules apply.  Check them out.  Results from this contest will be included in the USAPL national results database should competitors wish to go on to national level competition.

Four platforms, one session for 200 competitors.  This is an increase of 80 (competitors) from 2015.  Should fill up quickly.  Don’t hesitate to register.  There will be no refunds once monies are received.  Same day registration will also not be allowed.  Your entry form and check must be postmarked by Jan. 2, 2016.

There will be USAPL national level officials present along with IPF officials to witness American record breaking attempts.  It is the responsibility of the competitor to alert the scoring table of such attempts to allow time for the officials to be in the chairs.

Schedule for the event:

  • 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM: Check-in – bring government issued photo ID and current USAPL membership card.
  • 6:30 AM – 8:20 AM: Equipment check (personal gear worn on the platform)
  • 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM: Weigh-in for all competitors – no exceptions.
  • 9:00 AM: Competition starts for the A flights on all four platforms

Two major competitions on the same day – The Wisconsin State Meet and the Wisconsin State Open.

  • The Wisconsin State Meet for traditional 3 lift, female and male, raw and equipped. Within are four age categories: teen 14-18, open all ages at or over 18 years old, masters 40+ and collegiate (full-time student under 25 years old and in academic good standing).  Who is the best of the Wisconsin USAPL members?
  • The Wisconsin State Meet for BP Only, female and male, raw and equipped. Within are two age categories: open all ages at or over 18 years old and masters 40+.  We will find out who has the biggest benches of the Wisconsin USAPL members.
  • The Wisconsin State Open for traditional 3 lift, female and male, raw and equipped. Within are four age categories: teen 14-18, open all ages at or over 18 years old, masters 40+ and collegiate (full-time student under 25 years old and in academic good standing).  Competitors will be coming from all over, not just Wisconsin.  Should heat up the competition.  All Wisconsin members will be entered in this competition automatically.
  • The Wisconsin State Open for BP Only, female and male, raw and equipped. Within are two age categories: open all ages at or over 18 years old and masters 40+.  Will the winners be Wisconsin big benchers or will they be challenged by others in the U.S?

There is also 3-Lift TEAM competition.  Q18 (below) has a lot more information.  If you haven’t already, form your team now.

College students – running a promotion that you might be interested in.  Two winners will be compensated for their USAPL Collegiate Nationals entry fee and USAPL membership when they show up in Rhode Island in April.  This is a promotion to get more Wisconsin representation at one of the biggest national championships of the year.  Winners will be announced during the contest.  By the way, the USAPL Collegiate Nationals has both equipped and raw competition for the first time this year.

This is the largest drug-free powerlifting competition in Wisconsin and is exciting to be part of.  Those attending the event as competitors, coaches, USA Powerlifting officials, volunteers and fans can expect a great event with all of the best under one roof in Wisconsin.

Good luck with your training!

Tonya L. – Meet Director

Questions posed in the past or may come up – with answers.  If your question or suggestion isn’t listed here, drop me an email via the ‘contact us’ form.

Q1: Where do I register on-line, how much is it?

A1: Start the process here –Once you submit your information, you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions on the next steps to complete the registration.  The on-line step is not the first and last step.

All competitors 18 and over will be scored in the open age category with an entry fee of $60. Should you wish to compete in a second age category, select from the list below. An additional $15 fee will be charged for the second category.

Q2: When will BP Only competitors lift on platform?

A2: Typically this is one of the first flights.  The scoring cannot be complete until the competitors who are also in the 3Lift category are done, benching when their assigned flight is to do so.

Q3: Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

A3: Not yet.  Sorry about that.

Q4: How will I know that I have one of the 200 slots?

A4: Once the meet director receives your signed entry form and check in the mail, your name will be on the published list.

Q5: I’ve never entered a contest before.  Can I enter this one?

A5: Absolutely!  There is only one pre-requisite to participating and that is to purchase your USAPL membership on or after 12-31-15.

Q6: Is there an age category for youth (8-13) raw lifting?

A6: Not at this contest.  There will be contests coming up that will have a youth age category.

Q7: I would like to volunteer in some way to help out.  Can I?

A7: Always looking for volunteers.  Using the ‘contact us’ form on this site, let me know how you can help out.

Q8: Will it be pounds or kilos on the platform?

A8: Pounds.

Q9: Where can I buy a belt before the contest?

A9: First check out the USAPL rulebook for the requirements or limitations on the belt.  Watch out for second loops, Velcro, padding on the inside of the belt or a really wide portion that would go across your back.  These are common problems on belts that try to get through equipment check.

Q10: I heard there is a requirement for your underwear too?!

A10: Yes, there is.  Even if we require a style you don’t normally wear, purchase them now and have them in your bag for equipment check.

Q11: Equipment check?  What is that?

A11: On Saturday morning, January 16th you will need to show all of your personal gear that is planned to be worn on the platform.  You will go through equipment check with certified USAPL officials immediately after check-in.  What you show is what you wear – nothing different, nothing more.  Check out the New Competitor Info section of this site for more information.

Q12: How will I know who I am competing against?

A12: When the preliminary flights are posted on this site, there will also be lists of who is competing against who in the categories.

Q13: Will you post the flights before the competition?

A13: Yes, the flights should be posted by January 10th.  Earlier if the 200 slots are filled quickly.  We anticipate going 3-4 flights deep on each platform.  This should give you plenty of warm-up time in between squat and bench or bench and deadlift.

Q14: Can I register for raw and equipped competition?

A14: The results will only reflect one type.  So, you won’t be able to do one attempt raw and then the next two attempts equipped.  Its’ one or another at this event.  No exceptions.

Q15: What is the fee for spectators?

A15: Will vary between $8 and $2 (adult, senior, student, wee ones)

Q16: Will the Wisconsin state records be updated after the competition?

A16: Yes, you won’t have to fill out a form to have your record breaking attempt recognized.

Q17: If I am from another state, will my state’s records be updated?

A17: Be sure to ask your state chair to compare the results posted in the USAPL results database to the state records.  As a courtesy, I will also send the results to your state chair soon after the contest.

Q18: Can you tell us more about the teams competing?

A18: Here is the information.

The scoring will be across all age categories and divisions of the 3L competition. Your declared team members could be geared or raw, masters and juniors and open. The places …of the declared team members would be used in the total of the scores.

1st = 12 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points, 4th = 7 points, 5th = 6 points, 6th = 5 points, 7th = 4 points, 8th = 3 points, 9th = 2 points, 10th = 1 point

  • Teams will have to provide a listing of the 3-lift team members at 7:00 am registration. There cannot be more than ten members. No changes to this list after turning in.
  • The team can have men and women, still limited to ten total.
  • There cannot be more than two team members in a category. Such as only two can be from the Men’s Raw 105 kg.
  • One alternate can be named, acting as the 11th team member should any of the other team drop out of the competition due to an injury or a DQ as in no total (of the three lifts).
  • $50 team fee to be paid at 7:00 am registration. No teams can form during the competition.

Q19: I noticed there in the scoring that weight classes are not referenced. Why is that?

A19: Scoring will be by age categories using the Wilkes formula. If you trying to qualify for a USAPL national level championship, you will have to be within the body weight limit for that competition’s QT (qualifying total).  Designating a targeted weight class also helps with flight configurations and determining if there needs to light / heavy scoring categories.

Q20: Are there meet T-Shirts?

A20: Yes! Contest t-shirts are available for ordering when you register. Pre-paid orders will be available for pickup on competition day.

Good luck to all of the lifters!