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WI USAPL 2017 State Open Information

USA Powerlifting WI State Open 1-28-17

186 competitors, five platforms, one big day in Wisconsin for drug-free powerlifting! See you soon!

The roster is being updated in the next day or two with your preliminary platform and flight numbers.  Also will assign the individual scoring categories to each lifter.  You can keep checking the roster for updated information. The scoring categories and preliminary flights are listed on separate tabs right now.  Flights are not finalized until everyone weighs in and the scoring manager confirms the flights.  The faster everyone gets through weigh-ins, the sooner the flights are finalized.

The Whitnall High School door #5 will be open at 6:30 am, don’t try to come in before this as we won’t be ready for you.  This door is on the west face, north corner.  Address is 5000 S 116th St, Greenfield, WI 53228.

Saturday morning order of events for you:

Registration to check your government issued photo ID.

Hand in this completed USAPL Release of Claims and Liability form.  More information below.

Put on your wristband as it will allow you into the warm-up and competition area.  You are given one for the day so keep it on.

Determine your rack heights in the big gym (to the left of registration)

Have your personal gear checked by official (to the right of registration)

Go to weigh-ins – officially open from 7:00 – 8:30 am

Give the weigh-in officials your first attempts of each lift – kilos.  If you need to convert from pounds, use this handy chart

Next step on the scale either nude or in undergarments for the official to record your actual bodyweight in kilos.  We don’t need to know how much the stuff in your pocket weighs – just you.  Rest assured, the official will be the same gender as you.  If you are under 18, please bring an adult with you into the weigh-in area or the official cannot weigh you.

Stop at the WI State Open merchandise to pick your pre-paid meet t-shirt. We will have a limited quantity for sale as well.

8:40 am Be present in the small gym for ‘rules interpretation’. The officiating team will welcome you and will provide a brief explanation of the performance rules for each of the three lifts.  Besides me strongly suggesting you be familiar with at least the USA Powerlifting lifters handbook, this is the time when you are informed of the rules which will be administered on the competition platform.

You can print out the USAPL Release of Claims and Liability form now to complete and bring this form to registration either Friday night or Saturday morning.  Write WI State Open on the top blank line and then fill out section A & B if you are a competitor.  Coaches will need to fill out section A only:

Friday night 7:30-8:30 pm is an optional time to take care of the following: check your actual bodyweight on the official scales, determine what your ER brand rack heights are, have your personal gear checked in (all that you are going to wear on the platform) by the officiating team. Also get familiar with the venue.

Competitors are able to submit their ‘openers’ or first attempts (in kilos) here. You will receive a confirmation email after doing so, allowing you to go back and update through 9 pm Friday night. We will make the form available again in the morning for competitors to enter only rack heights before weigh-in. Should you wish to wait to give your ‘openers’ to the weigh-in official, that is fine too. Any numbers we receive early will help with data entry. All attempts will be treated confidentially and will not be made public until after weigh-ins.  We’re trying something new and we appreciate you supporting this.

Unsure what we mean by ‘rack heights’? Check this out

Team competition.  Are you bringing a team?!  This form must be turned in to me by Thursday 11 pm cst via email. Here is the form to complete and email back.

An athletic trainer, Laura will be available all day for any injuries. She is a licensed athletic trainer who has worked many powerlifting meets already and knows what to expect.

There will be an admission fee of $8 for your coach.  Once they complete the USAPL Release of Claims and Liability form and pay their admission (same spot as registration), they will receive one wristband allowing them into the warmup and competition areas with you.  We reserve the right clear out anyone with or without a wristband should areas become too congested for YOU, the lifter.

There are many sponsors at this meet.  The list is here Bring your cash or card.

We will have MAW Nutrition on-site, selling hot, healthy food such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, green beans, roasted turkey or grilled chicken.  The Whitnall Booster Club will be selling drinks, hot dogs and snacks.

Let your friends and family know competition begins at 9:00 am and ends around 5:00 pm with awards shortly around or thereafter. Enter through Whitnall High School main doors. Prices: $8 ADULT, $5 SENIOR (born before 01/01/56), $3 STUDENTS (with an ID). KIDS Free (born on or after 03/01/07). Admissions fund the Whitnall High School Powerlifting Team.  And it is bleacher seating – they might want to know that.

No large coolers will be allowed into the competition gym.  No exceptions.  School policy prohibits this.

Behind the competition platforms, there will be bleacher seating for you to rest and relax away from the audience and the action on the floor.  There is also the small gym across the hall where you could stretch out a mat or comfy chair (with rubber covering the feet to protect the basketball court floor).

Tonya L.


2017 WI State Open Early Equipment Check

Competitors of the WI State Meet / Open will be able to have their personal gear checked the night before (7:30-9:00pm) at Whitnall High School (5000 S 116th St, Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228). Can also acquire your ER rack heights for squat, bench uprights and safeties. You can then also get familiar with where the venue is located, what doorway to go in and what hallways to navigate. Should help you feel more prepared for Saturday morning. You will also be able to pick up your meet shirt and purchase additional shirts.

Bring everything you would wear on the platform; singlet, t-shirt, logn socks, shoes, belt, knee sleeves/knee wraps, wrist wraps, suits, bench shirts, Erector shirts, headband, underwear.

Facebook event page

2017 USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Open Updates

There is now a waiting list for this event. Should you like to be on the waiting list, enter your information here and you will be notified when another has clearly indicated they are unable to attend. It doesn’t imply they will or did receive a refund, it is just that they cannot attend and gave advance notice. All the better for you.

Check out our Facebook event page for Q&A about the event and a roster.

Additionally, there will be a workshop at Ford’s Gym in Madison at 9am on Saturday, December 3rd for first time competitors, people with an interest in competing in a USA Powerlifting event in 2017, or experienced competitors who would like a refresher on rules, meet other competitors, etc.  Information for that is also available on a Facebook event page.