Fall cardio – leaf raking…

Fall cardio – leaf raking…
It’s nearly the end of November and the end of this year!

  • USA Powerlifting WI Collegiate State Championship is this Saturday on the UW-Milwaukee campus and is proudly hosted by the UW-Milwaukee Powerlifting Team.  Very proud of the team to propose adding this competition to the USA Powerlifting WI State Championship Series.
    • USA Powerlifting WI State Championship Series is comprised of Collegiate State, Open & Masters State and Wisconsin High School Powerlifting Association (WHSPA) State.  No other state or association can boast of such an offering.
  • December has another two sanctioned competitions on the 16th.  Yes, two on the same day in different areas of the state.  Awesome.
  • Kimmy Johnson and Quintin Meyer were both representing WI on the USA Powerlifting team at the ’17 IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships.  Quintin took third place in his weight class and Kimmy took fifth place.  Amazing equipped Wisconsin lifters and it was fantastic to watch them on live stream. Congratulations to both on their accomplishments!
  • 2018 USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Open & Masters Championship is January 20th in Racine and proudly hosted by the Horlick HS Powerlifting Team.  I am working with them as the meet director.
    • There are 20 slots left in the Senior State session and 16 remaining in the Rookie State session.  I wouldn’t hesitate any longer on registering.
  • State records were updated yesterday.  Have you been watching those numbers?!
  • The ’18 USA Powerlifting High School National Championship is in Appleton, WI this coming March.  Myself, Joe Lewis of Neenah, and Dennis Smits of Combined Locks, are the three co-directors for the host, the WHSPA and we have been working on the planning of this nearly four-day competition for several months already.  Let me know if you want to help out in some capacity whether it be brain-power, braun-power, monetarily or some other idea you may have.  550-600 teenagers from around the country, raw and equipped, right here in Wisconsin – again.
  • Working with several parties to add meets to the USA Powerlifting Wisconsin calendar for Feb., April, May, July, August, September.  The Badger Open is June 9th with Joe Lewis as the meet director.

Lots of information here – as usual – love it!
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