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Chair’s Message – September 2013

Powerlifting has been in my life since I was seven and it was quite some time before I realized it wasn’t a “normal” sport.  “Normal” as in “mainstream”, at every high school, on TV, everyone knows the sport.  I grew up with a powerlifter who later became my coach.  Lifting weights and working towards a competition was normal and exciting.

My coach, Bruce, wouldn’t let me start training until I was in ninth grade.  I wanted to start sooner.  I had been going to contests for years; carrying a full backpack to keep me busy from early morning into late, late evening.  One year I even had my paper dolls with me.  This was back in the day when the contests were run on the progressive loading system.  Those of you, who have experienced this type of system, know it is not “progressive”.  Still, I loved the sport.  The chalk, the adrenaline, the yelling, cheering and lights flashing on with each lift.  Wow – I was hooked!

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Athlete Profile – Erin Walterman


  • Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
  • Weight Class: 148

Athletic Accolades

  • First Elite Total 2004 USAPL Badger Open in Whitewater, WI
  • Second place USAPL Nationals 2010 in Cleveland, OH
  • North American Strongman National champion 2010 as LW and 2011 as MW
  • Forth place Arnold Classic Open Powerlifting in 2012 and 2013


Introduced to powerlifting in high school, Erin Walterman never looked back. During her career she has competed in equipped, raw, and bench only contests. Between 2001 and 2013 she competed in five National Championships and two Arnold Classics.

Through a local gym she met great group of people who took her under their wing and trained her in strongman. Thanks to this support, she was able to attend and win two National Strongman championships.

Currently Erin is focusing on raw powerlifting and training for the Indiana Powerfest on October 12, 2013.

25th Hudson Natural Open

Message from Shawn Cain about the upcoming 25th Hudson Natural Open

The Hudson Natural Open will be held for the 25th year in a row in Hudson Wisconsin, on the 2nd of November, 2013. It has always been held in Hudson. It has always been a well run meet, and for many years now has been held in a nice hotel in Hudson. We have also had many years of competition for the Border Battle Trophy between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Every year that battle is a tight one. so far, Wisconsin is in the lead for wins. That could change at any time.

We always give out very nice awards at the contest. You will not see cheap awards at the Hudson meet. We have given out a variety in types of  awards, but they have always been quality awards. Niels Anderson Sculptures have been the type of award given out for a few years now. We offer many different divisions for the lifters to enter. Old, young, geared, or RAW, we have a division for you. It has always been a full Powerlifting meet. We have never offered a Bench Only division.

Because this is the 25th year for holding this meet, we are giving away a few 2013 Silver Eagle coins to a few lucky competitors. We have to determine how to pick the winners of these special coins yet. They will not just go to the best lifters. They could go to anyone who enters the meet.

-Shawn L. Cain

Registration form and additional meet logistics