2015 WI USAPL State Open Roster & New Weight Class Info

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the 2015 WI USAPL State Open on January 17th, that may be a record for filling a 130+ person meet in just over 3 weeks in Wisconsin.

Here is the current roster, it is organized in such a way that competitors should be able to see who they are up against.  There will be an updated roster posted closer to the meet since there are always changes.

2015 WI USAPL State Open Roster

For those of you who registered, you may have noticed that there are new weight classes this year, below are the weight classes with both the kilos and pounds.

  • 94.75lbs/43kgs (Teen/Juniors only)
  • 103.5lbs/47kgs
  • 114.5lbs/52kgs
  • 125.5lbs/57kgs
  • 138.75lbs/63kgs
  • 158.5lbs/72kgs
  • 185lbs/84kgs
  • 185lbs+/84+kgs
  • 116.75lbs/53.00kgs (Teen/Juniors only)
  • 130.00lbs/59.00kgs
  • 145.50lbs/66.00kgs
  • 163.00lbs/74.00kgs
  • 182.75lbs/83.00kgs
  • 205.00lbs/93.00kgs
  • 231.25lbs/105.00kgs
  • 264.50lbs/120.00kgs
  • 264.50+lbs/120.00+kgs

Lifters should know both the pound and kilo limits for their weight class for weigh-ins!