2020 State Championship

2020 USA Powerlifting WI State Championships

The Germantown High School Powerlifting Team is excited to be hosting the upcoming USA Powerlifting WI State Championship on January 25, 2020.  The team’s head coach, Scott Schubert will be working closely with the event coordinator Tonya Lambeth to continue the tradition of running four platforms continuously throughout the day.  This championship is the team’s major fundraising activity, assisting with costs such as new equipment or new competition uniforms or registration fees for competitions.  This type of partnering allows for USA Powerlifting WI members to experience a high quality, large scale state championship.

Registration is now open! The deadline to register is 11:59pm on December 15 or when we reach 150 lifters (whichever comes first).

When starting and completing the registration, you are agreeing to the no refund policy.  No refunds for any reason.  Germantown HS Powerlifting Team benefits from each and every registration after costs are taken care of.

Traditional 3Lift and BP-Only powerlifting competition for USA Powerlifting members residing in the state of Wisconsin.*

The top three in each USA Powerlifting weight class will be awarded**.

The drug-free powerlifters in the state should plan to be on these platforms.  Even if national or international level competition is already in your horizon, build this state championship in to your cycle.  Why not?  It will be exciting to see who makes onto the podium.

Open, Master competition for women and men in equipped or raw categories. *** What defines an Open lifter? Anyone 14 years and older.  Those in their 40th year and older may opt to participate in the Masters competition. 

As with all championships (state, regional and national level), an attempt potentially breaking an existing USA Powerlifting American record can be recognized at this competition. ****

Germantown High SchoolW180N11501 N River Ln, Germantown, WI 53022

Schedule, all times stated in CST:

  • November 1: Registration opens at 8:00 am
  • December 15: All registration closes at 11:59 pm
  • January 24 Friday: 6:00 – 8:00 pm Athlete and coach check-in is available.  This is an optional offering to get familiar with where the venue is, where to go within the venue, check actual bodyweight on the official scale, determine the three rack heights, confirm identity, pick up wristbands and meet t-shirt(s).
  • January 25thSaturday
    • 9:00 am        Competition on all platforms begins.
    • 8:58 am        National anthem
    • 8:30 am        Weigh-in and equipment check are closed.  No exceptions for those who arrive after.
    • 7:00 am        Weigh-in begins.
    • 6:30 am        Equipment check begins.
    • 6:30 – 8:20 am          Athlete, coach and volunteer check-in. Not optional for athlete and coach.

Qualifying standards:

  1. Be a current member of USA Powerlifting.
  2. No prior USA competition experienced required.
  3. Abide by the standards and rules of USA Powerlifting leading up to and on the day of competition.

Team competition:

The scoring will be across all age categories and divisions of the 3 lift competition for Wisconsin members.

Your declared team members can be geared or raw, masters, juniors and open. Team registration is now open and the online form will only be available until Thursday January 23 11:59 pm CST.  No teams can sign up after this.

  1. The team can have men and women, still limited to eight total.
  2. There cannot be more than two team members in a category. Such as only two can be from the Men’s Raw 105 kg.
  3. One alternate can be named, acting as the 9th team member should any of the other team drop out of the competition due to an injury or a DQ as in no total (of the three lifts).
  4. The places of the declared team members would be used to calculate the team score.
    1. 1st = 12 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points, 4th = 7 points, 5th = 6 points, 6th = 5 points, 7th = 4 points, 8th = 3 points
  5. $50 cash team fee to be paid at athlete/coach check-in either Friday evening or Saturday morning by 8:30 am. No teams can form during the competition.

What to expect as a registered competitor:

  1. A fair and competitive atmosphere.
  2. Friendly and helpful Germantown team members and their family.
  3. Professional officiating staff.
  4. All FOUR platforms meet the USA Powerlifting technical standards.
  5. Platforms will be in kilos and warmup area in pounds.
  6. 10% of the competitors who start the day will participate in drug testing and those selected will be notified immediately after their last deadlift (3Lift) or bench press (BP Only) attempt.
  7. Frequent and helpful communication from the event coordinator, Tonya.
  8. Scoring will be online and available ‘live’ on https://liftingcast.com/
  9. Roster available publicly online once registration opens.
  10. Plenty of bleacher seating for fans (an important component).
  11. Concessions available to all.
  12. Vendors on-site to offer products to support the sport, good health and athleticism in general.
  13. Ability to have one coach or handler (over 13 years old) with you in the warmup and waiting areas.
  14. Preliminary flights available by Monday January 20th on liftingcast.com.
  15. One ‘meet t-shirt’ included with registration.
  16. Rack heights (all three) and first attempts will be entered online either Friday January 24th or from 6:30 am – 8:30 am CST Saturday January 25th.  Competitor has the opportunity to change any of these during their individual weigh-in.

Registration process:

  1. Will be made available publicly online on November 1st at 8:00 am CST.
  2. All registrations will be done online between November 1st and December 15th 11:59 pm CST.
  3. Credit card or debit card accepted. No checks, cash or IOUs.
  4. Once registration is started, the competitor or competitor’s representative (coach, friend, parent, and/or guardian) is acknowledging there will be no refunds for any reason.
  5. Payment during registration does not include USA Powerlifting membership.
  6. Personal data of street address, birthdate, emergency contact and email address will not be shared publicly.  First name, last name, city, gender, age category, weight class, lifting type will be shared on the roster.
  7. Purchase of one coach/handler pass can be done during registration. The competitor will be provided with the purchased coach/handler wrist bands during athlete check-in. This is a change from prior years. Also available for purchase during athlete registration.
  8. First t-shirt on registration is free to the competitor.  There will be an option to purchase the ‘meet t-shirt’ during registration and will then be available during athlete check-in. A very limited number of meet t-shirts will be available for sale the day of. 
  9. The option to purchase audience admission at a discounted rate during registration will be available. The competitor will be provided with the purchased audience wrist bands during athlete check-in. This is a change from prior years. Audience admission can also be purchased day of competition and will be cash only at a rate of $2.50 more than the early bird option.
  10. The email address entered in the registration will receive a confirmation email which will include helpful links and a suggestion to follow the event on the USA Powerlifting WI Facebook page.
  11. There will be no partial or full refunds for any reason once registration is complete.

Still have questions? Email Tonya and she will respond within 36 hours. 

Additional information:

*There will be a limited number of registrations for those residing outside of Wisconsin as we know so many enjoy our competitions and/or want the multi-platform experiences that few can offer.  All who enter this category, Out-of-state, will have the opportunity to be recognized as the top lifter by formula. Category limited to those who do not reside in Wisconsin.

**The event coordinator reserves the right to review and potentially reconfigure scoring categories based on the actual registration information.

***Depending on the number of entries for those 14 – 23 years old, there may possibly be an additional scoring categories of Junior, T1, T2, and T3.  There will no competition opportunity for those under 14 years old. In all age categories, your birthdate is utilized for scoring.

****American record breaking attempts must have all platform officials present (for the duration of the lift) of a rank at or exceeding national level.  Be prepared to engage each involved official after the observed lift to notate the USA Powerlifting American record form with their signature.  This would include the official who weighs the competition and the event coordinator.  Current USA Powerlifting state and American records found here https://www.usapowerlifting.com/usapl-rankings-database/

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