Thanksgiving Powerlifting Update!

Cold weather is here! So what?!  Remember Silvester Stallone in Rocky IV – training his butt off in the bitter Moscow cold…?  Maybe you won’t go to the same extremes but everyone has an Ivan Drago in their world. Here is a fun read on cold weather training

Keep training for the WI State Open on January 17 in Milwaukee, WI.  More information at posted on this website.  Registration will open up within the next week or two.  I will send an email as soon as it is.

If you are a full-time student in good standing with a Wisconsin university or college and under twenty-five years old, you are eligible for the following promo:

  • Enter the WI State Open contest in the collegiate competition category.All the names of the competitors who do so will be put into a drawing. At the end of the contest, two names will be selected. Each will win the following:
    • Free entry fee for ’15 USAPL Collegiate Nationals – Atlanta, GA*
    • Reimbursement of your USAPL membership.*

*To be given back to you at Collegiate Nationals by me.

More information on Collegiate Nationals:

Lets’ get Wisconsin to the podium at Collegiate Nationals!

WHSPA (Wisconsin High School Powerlifting Association) scholarship application now available to high school seniors.  Scholarship applications for the class of 2015 are due by December 20th, 2014.

Thanksgiving feast & protein: turkey breast can offer as much as 30 grams of protein per 3.5-ounce portion.  Gobble gooble.

All the best,

Tonya L.
WI USAPL State Chair
’15 WI State Open Meet Director
’15 USAPL High School Nationals Meet Director