2014 Hudson Natural Open Results

Message from Shawn and Kathy Cain regarding the 2014 Hudson Natural Open:

The 26th Hudson Natural Open was a great success. Unfortunately we filled up with 60 competitors many weeks ahead of the meet. We had to turn away lifters that had competed in this meet many times over the years. The good thing is that turning away lifters was the only thing that we had to complain about. The lifting was absolutely excellent. Most of the competitors were lifting RAW, but we also had lifters using gear. We had some very impressive lifting in both the RAW and the geared divisions. In fact, it came down to a geared lifter and a RAW lifter for Best lifter of the meet. The competition for that award was very tight. As we have done in the past, we add 12% to the RAW lifter’s total to compare the Raw lifter to the geared lifter. Scott Sullivan was this year’s best male lifter, followed very closely by Matt Rodock. Another very impressive thing that we witnessed this year, was the Theisen Family that lifted in the meet. The father and four daughters were very impressive to watch.

The meet has been very lucky to have the help of many people from Wisconsin and Minnesota. We have also received the help of a couple of the local High School Powerlifting teams. River Falls and Osceola teams have been a huge help in running this meet in recent years. I would like to mention the names of the people that have helped us over the 26 years this meet has been in existance, but to list all of the people that have made this long run such a success, it would take a book. I will simply say a big thank you to the lifters, spotters, loaders, judges and to others that helped us in every way that they could. This was the last of the Hudson Natural Open contests. I’m working with some good people now to continue holding an open USAPL meet in this area in the future.

Shawn & Kathy Cain

The results are now available online.  I apologize for the delayed posting.