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First Time Lifter/Competitor Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended the First-Time Lifter/Competitor workshop yesterday at Ford’s Gym! We hope that you found this event helpful and insightful. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask and check out the new competitor page on our website.

If you have specific feedback on the event, please message us! We would very much like to know what people thought and areas of improvement if future events like this are done.

First Time Lifter Workshop

Are you competing in the 2016 WI USAPL State meet as a first time lifter or would like a refresher on what to expect that day?

If so, please join us for the First Time Lifter Workshop on Saturday, December 5th at Ford’s Gym (2114 Winnebago St, Facebook page, website) in Madison starting at 2:00 pm and last around 2 hours.  This event will be hosted by Matt and Sara Rodock, USAPL WI State referees, and John Haack, 2015 USAPL 83kg RAW National Champion.  We hope to help new competitors learn more about what to expect on meet day including

  • general review of what will happen at the meet,
  • review of the USAPL lifting rules for squat, bench, and deadlift with the ability to show your technique and have it critiqued,
  • what to bring the day of the meet, and
  • meet strategy.

This event is free and open to anyone competing in the 2016 WI USAPL State meet.  Participants who would like to train at Ford’s gym that day before or after the workshop will need to pay for a daily pass ($7).

If you are interested in participating or have questions about the event, please email Sara Rodock ( by Wednesday, December 2nd so we can plan for the number of people to expect.

Reminder: New Weight Classes

This is a reminder to competitors and meet directors that all meets (except for High School meets) now need to following the IPF weight classes starting in 2015.  Below is a listing of both the kilo amounts and the pound equivalents rounded correctly to the nearest 1/4 lb.

Women – 94.75lbs/43kgs (Teen/Juniors only), 103.5lbs/47kgs, 114.5lbs/52kgs, 125.5lbs/57kgs, 138.75lbs/63kgs, 158.5lbs/72kgs, 185lbs/84kgs, 185lbs+/84+kgs

Men – 116.75lbs/53.00kgs (Teen/Juniors only), 130.00lbs/59.00kgs, 145.50lbs/66.00kgs, 163.00lbs/74.00kgs, 182.75lbs/83.00kgs, 205.00lbs/93.00kgs, 231.25lbs/105.00kgs, 264.50lbs/120.00kgs, 264.50+lbs/120.00+kgs

To keep things simpler lifters should be weighed in kilos for meets.

If you have any questions, please contact WI State Chair Tonya Lambeth.

Pure Fitness Power Lifting Team

Wisconsin will have a team at the 2015 USAPL Women’s & Men’s Nationals in San Antonio, TX May 15-17. First time in many years! The team is sponsored by Pure Fitness in Mequon. Mike Steinmetz, owner of Pure Fitness is hosting a fundraiser on February 21 at his facility. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the team. If you are in the Milwaukee area, consider putting together a team to compete in the bag tourney.

Team members include:

New Competitor Page

Just in time for the January 17 WI USAPL State Open we have posted a “New Competitor Info” page.  If this is your first meet or first meet in a while, check out our new page!

Included on this page are

  • tips and checklists from USA Powerlifting
  • general overview of what will happen on the competition day
  • tips from experienced WI lifters and coaches

New information will continue to be added, if you have any suggestions of what to add or have additional questions, please contact us or post to the Facebook page.